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YPC Chicago est. 2012

Photo Gallery

October 12th Meeting October 12th Meeting Decorating Sugar Skull Cookies We looked at some Mexican Folk Art and then applied it to some drawings and cookie decorating. 186829033 Sugar Skull Cookies 186829034 Using lots of color and whimsy 186829035 Each one was an original work of art 186829836 The members took home the cookies to share with family 186829837 Skull drawings The members did a great job in using lots of color and expression in their drawings. 186829838 Story Time We read two stories that were based on The Day of the Dead celebration. 186829839 186829840 186829841 cookie time 186829842 Very expressive 186829843 Some a little mess but all very tasty 186829844 186829845 186829846 186829847 186829848 186829849