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YPC Chicago est. 2012

Photo Gallery

November 9th 2013 November 9th 2013 Activity Sheets 186831323 Activity Sheet warm up 186831324 Waiting for all our members to arrive 186831325 186831326 Story Time Tonight we read a story from Buddha at Bedtime to learn about how listening to others can help both them and ourselves to grow. 186831327 4 pebble meditation We talked about Buddhist monk and teacher Thich Nhat Hanh and learned a meditation he uses with children called the 4 pebble meditation. 186831328 Our painted stones and bag Each member painted their own stones to represent each image used in the meditation. A flower, mountain, still water and space. 186831329 Painting the stones 186831330 186831331 Each members were unique images for them to use 186831332 186831333 Flower stone and card In the bag were the 4 painted stones and 4 laminated cards with an image on one side of the object and a short breathing meditation on the other. 186831335 The 4 image cards 186831436 Sayings on the back of the cards to use Breathing In: I see myself as a mountain. Breathing out: I am stable and solid. 186831439 186831442 Members finished stones 186831443 The stones are held one at a time to focus on being present 186831444 The meditations give us grounding and positive reinforcement 186831445 Peace to all When we find peace in ourselves, we may then offer peace to others 186831446 Stillness and peace Learning about stillness and peace helps us to stay strong and centered 186831447 Staying clear In a calm state of mind we can think clearly about what is really going on 186831448 Perspective Seeing things as they really are, beyond our thoughts, helps us know truth from stories/drama. 186831449