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YPC Chicago est. 2012

Photo Gallery

1/25/2014 1/25/2014 Our new YPC member handprint wall handprints with all the YPC members were hung up along with photos and affirmations for the new year. 189188238 Story Time Our story this week was January's Sparrow a true story based on the underground railroad and a quest for freedom from slavery. 189188239 Gratitude Memory Box This month our craft is a Memory box the members will decorate themselves to hold all the things we are grateful for. Instead of just a journal, that we can house in the box, we also have room for photos, ticket stubs, paintings lots of things that bring back good memories for us to reflect on at the end of the year. 189188240 Our variety of boxes 189188241 New table layout for our going group 189188242 189188243 189188244 MLK coloring books These books highlight the "I have a dream speech" by one of our favorite peacemakers Dr. Martin Luther King. 189188245 189188246 189188247 189188248 189188249 189188250 189188251 189188252 189188253 189188254 189188255 189188256 Finished box 189188257 189188258 189188259 189188260 189188261 Free time- acting out skits 189188262 189188263 189188264 Group Shots 189188265 189188266 189188267 189188268 189188269 189188270