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YPC Chicago est. 2012

Photo Gallery

October 25, 2014 October 25, 2014 196355057 Feelings Bingo Our game time tonight included a few rounds of Feelings Bingo. 196355058 196355059 Craft time Our craft tonight was to paint a picture using colors to express emotions. 196355060 196355061 196355062 196355063 196355064 Sugar Skull cookies 196355065 Sugar Skull coloring sheets 196355066 Extra stories to read Tonight we also read a story to celebrate Day of the Dead coming up November 1st. 196355067 The Fulls The fulls are emotions uses to help animate another story about our feelings. Fearfull, tearfull, ragefull, pecefull, powerfull, sillyfull, awfull and numbfull all helped in our discussion about feelings. We learned how all feelings are valid and healthy, however it is how we express those feelings that we need to be aware of. 196355068 Story time Visiting Feelings by Lauren Rubenstein- this book encourages children to treat their feelings like guests. Welcome them in, get to know them, and perhaps learn why they are visiting. Vising feelings harnesses young children's innate capacity to fully experience the present moment and invits children to sense, explore, and befriend all their feelings with acceptance and equanimity. 196355069 YPC Members Group photo 196355070 196355071